Welcome to Wander with Maddie!

Welcome to Wander with Maddie!

I'm here to be your gateway to the World! Are you eager to explore the globe but feel held back by the complexities of travel and remote work? You're in the right place. My newsletter is here to guide you through the exciting terrain of digital nomadism, remote work, and affordable travel. My goal is to transform your travel dreams into reality. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or taking your first step into the world of remote work, this is your essential guide to a life of adventure, flexibility, and discovery.

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A lot more people want to travel than actually do. This newsletter is designed to help fix that. Tailored for those embracing the digital nomad lifestyle and budget-friendly travel. I'm going to bring you a blend of insights, tips, and opportunities to make your travel and remote work experiences enriching and hassle-free.


Digital Nomad Insights: We delve into topics essential for remote workers, offering examples like finding remote jobs, navigating taxes, obtaining work visas, and ensuring reliable Wi-Fi connections, among others. These insights are designed to ease the challenges of working from anywhere in the world.
Affordable Travel Destinations: Uncover hidden gems and cost-effective travel spots. We bring you examples of destinations that combine beauty with affordability, ensuring your adventures are both memorable and budget-friendly, including awesome travel deals.

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